pet portrait of boris the dog

Dog portrait video demonstration: Boris

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I do my best work in solitude. However, I’m breaking that rule today as I invite you to watch this dog portrait video demonstration of my buddy, Boris.

If you have four minutes, sit back and enjoy this screen-captured and time-compressed video of me digitally painting a dog portrait.

This particular painting took me over two hours, working in Corel Painter 2019. The screen was captured via Snagit, with the video produced using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The music is “Rain At Last”, created by yours truly in Garageband.

The Missus says I use that particular tune a lot for my videos, so I guess it’s time to make some alternate tunes.

Video demonstration

Here’s the final image:

pet portrait of boris the dog
Boris ponders the eternal question: “Who’s a good boy?”

I do these portraits for me. And I’d love to make one for you, too! You can love your pet forever with a pet portrait from PetArtWorks. Prices start at $99.

PetArtWorks is now live… again.

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I started PetArtWorks early 2018 without a lot of planning. What I did have was an idea that maybe pet portraits and animal artwork could be an interesting diversion from my main work of graphic design and illustration for businesses and organizations.

Because of my basic lack of seriousness about it, I just threw a quick web site together with a few very limited products and sat back and waited for the gravy train to leave the station.

Heh. That was kind of foolish.

This year, I’m taking PetArtWorks seriously.

In that regard, I’ve re-designed the web site. I’ve added more products at a range of prices to hopefully appeal to those looking for a deal and those looking for custom traditional art.

Here are my products (so far):

I’ve made the order forms a bit easier (I think - let me know if you hate them and why).

In short, I’ve decided to give this venture the attention it deserves.

I’m still working on the site. I expect to be creating new products (group pet portraits, human and pet together, special prints for sale, etc.) in the coming months, as well as adding more content to the site, like portrait demos and whatever else interests me.

Like life, it’s a work in progress, and will grow and evolve in time.

Welcome to the new PetArtWorks.