King Beorn

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As a Christmas present for The Missus, I did a special portrait of Beorn, our Bernese Mtn. Dog.

I wanted to try for a high-contrast, black and white composition, more like a drawing than a painting.

It took a couple tries, but I eventually arrived at an image with great drama and depth.

Beorn looks very regal in this image, so I'm calling this "King Beorn".

What do you think?


Wallace, Idaho Huckleberry Festival

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Boris and Beorn on the road

In keeping with our spate of August weekend excursions into Idaho and Montana, today we found ourselves road-tripping with Boris and Beorn to the 2018 Huckleberry Festival in Wallace, Idaho.

Boris and Beorn were a big hit. Everyone is so polite in Wallace; they were all asking if they could pet our dogs.

For the record, our dogs are very friendly and love to get pets from everyone.

I really need to take a photo some time of all the kids crowding around Beorn. He soaks in all the affection like he's performing a public service, which I guess maybe he is, because everyone leaves happy.

Also, I got to hand out some of my new business cards to many of the pet lovers over there. So if that's why you've come to this site, Welcome, and Thank You.

Remember, there's no obligation to purchase a print. Just give me the chance to paint a portrait for you, and I'm sure you'll love it.

You can place an order anytime.

The Kiss

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Here is a video of me creating a digital portrait for one of entries in my most recent contest: "Win A Portrait of You And Your Pet!".

This wasn't the winner, but I liked the image so I thought it would make an interesting painting.

Art for Big (and small) Walls

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When we had our house built, we chose a house design with lots of windows. We wanted to take advantage of the wonderful views we had living out in the woods.

The problem is that I'm an artist, which means I occasionally actually do ART and said art needs a place to be displayed, which doesn't work well in a house with so many windows. It's just like the familiar maxim, "Those who live in glass houses have no room for art" is how I think it goes.

On the other hand, we do have some high ceilings in the main room, but any art up that high needs to be quite large to make any impact.

Fortunately I had just the piece.

Back in 2013, I did a speed painting of Boris. I set out with the goal of working fast with a simple color palette (I chose blues) and not getting bogged down in details. The result was Noble Boris. The digital painting was somewhat small, only 8 x 11 or so, and I was so pleased with the image I wanted to find a way to make it bigger, so I decided on an experiment.

I traced the artwork in Adobe Illustrator (converting it into vector art, which can be enlarged to any size), cropped it to a square and had it output on stretched canvas at 54" x 54".

It's a great image which everyone notices immediately upon entering our main room.

Vectoring the artwork in Illustrator is one way to maximize an image for large output. It doesn't work with every painting, but if I know in advance what you want, I can usually work to make your pet portrait an amazing centerpiece to any space.

Every Dog You Know…

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Yeah. I think we've all been there.

The art above is for a new shirt design I've created. You can find it for sale on, but just click the image below and it will magically transport you there.

This is!

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After futzing around trying to save money by combining with my design studio,, I finally decided to give PAWs a home all its own.

So here it is! Welcome to the official site. It's a bit humble right now. I'm keeping it very basic and simple on the theory that will make it easier for visitors to find and order what they want.

I've got big plans for the site, and in particular I hope to be adding more art-oriented products. Mostly pet-centered, but perhaps a few other things as well.

I now am offering custom pet portraits output on gallery-wrapped canvas in many sizes

The big news along with the official site launch is that I now am offering custom pet portraits output on gallery-wrapped canvas in many sizes. If you don't see a size that suits you, let me know and I can give you a quote on a custom size.

As usual, there is no obligation to buy. My rule is "Like It. Buy It". In other words, there are no pre-payments. It's up to me to make a great portrait because if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. It's a risk on my part, but that's sort of the way I've done business all my career and it's been a great personal motivator.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope to see your pet portrait order pour in one of these days.

Welcome to PetArtWorks!

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I'm moving PetArtWorks to this location because it's better to have one's own home, rather than taking up the couch at