pet memorial of Derry Darbie and Dreamer

A Dog Memorial Portrait of Derry, Darbie and Dreamer

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My latest commission is a dog memorial and portrait of three dogs, Derry, Darbie and Dreamer.

The portrait was commissioned by Jim in Wisconsin after his Irish Setter, Derry, passed away. He sent me several photos of all three dogs, asking for a single portrait of them on a gallery-wrapped canvas.

Here’s the video:

Watch as I create this portrait of a cherished Irish Setter and his buddies

It’s good for me to know if a portrait is intended as a memorial. In this case, the other two dogs, Darbie and Dreamer are still (thankfully) very much alive. But knowing that Derry had “crossed the Rainbow Bridge” was helpful to me. Not that I treat a pet portrait commission any differently in such a circumstance, but rather it suggests ways to reflect the passing of a cherished pet in the digital painting itself.

For this dog memorial and portrait combination, I tried to create a warm, golden glow around all three dogs. Doing so suggests the dogs will always be surrounded by warmth and love, wherever they are.

I let my art do the talking

To be honest, I’m very clumsy in person when it comes to expressing condolences on the loss of a pet. I stumble and bumble my words and often end up feeling foolish and inadequate. But in these situations, I’d like to think my artwork speaks the words I am unable to find.

I tend to be anxious about my artwork up and until a customer receives the canvas print of their pet portrait, and particularly in the case of a memorial portrait. I wonder (and worry) what their response will be when holding the actual portrait in their hands.

pet memorial of Derry Darbie and Dreamer
Derry, Darbie & Dreamer in their place of honor.

In this case, when he received the canvas print portrait, Jim responded with a photo and the following kind note:

Steve – You captured all three of them. I’m basically in tears. Thanks for the gorgeous work.

Jim in Wisconsin

Whew! That was a relief!

Thanks, Jim! It looks great, and I’m thrilled you love it.

If you’re looking for an uplifting and beautiful dog memorial, consider a pet portrait from PetArtWorks.

Also, if you like watching me create these portraits, check out these other videos:

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