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A Pile of Grief

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As I’m sure you know (probably because I can’t seem to shut up about it) my big dog, Boris, died a month and a half ago.

Of course I think about him every day, especially on my morning walks with Beorn, who seems to be a bit mopey and sad (if I may presume to know his emotional state) without his older brother around.

Fortunately, I’m on the verge of solving Beorn’s loneliness. More on that in another post. But there’s another problem that I discovered when we buried Boris on our hill just down from the house: there is no long-lasting marker for Boris’ grave or those of our two other dogs we’ve buried there over the years.

They deserve some kind of lasting memorial marking the location of their graves, don’t you think? Especially considering it gets harder each year to find them.

I decided to build a monument bit by bit each day. The way I figured it, I’m thinking about him constantly on our morning walks already so I may as well do something useful at the same time.

For the last few weeks, every day I return with Beorn from our morning hike bearing a stone that I picked up along the trail and I add it to a growing pile of stones at the head of Boris’ grave.

I’m building a Memorial Cairn for Boris. I like the idea because it has deep historical roots. Piles of stones is one of humanity’s earliest and longest lasting feats. They last a long time.

Yesterday, I put what I think may be the final stones on the top of the cairn, which stands about two feet tall.

We’ll see how it bears up over the coming winter. I suspect I may have to rebuild it in the Spring.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue my rock collecting and build two additional cairns for the graves of Larry and Reggie, which are adjacent to Boris.

If you’re searching for a pet memorial idea to honor your passed pet, I highly recommend building a stone cairn. It’s a helpful way to work through your grief while building something that may last a very long time. And it’s completely free!

Boris Memorial Cairn - photo
A memorial cairn is a fitting tribute, and it just might outlast you!

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