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Alfie The Snake Pit Cat: a Graphite Portrait

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This drawing came about in an unusual way.

It was Sunday evening. We were in Idaho at the Snake Pit Restaurant and Bar in Enaville (Kingston exit off I-90, north about a mile or so).

Established over 135 years ago, the Snake Pit has a long and colorful history, as does much of this region with roots in trapping, mining, railroads, and all the interesting characters such endeavors attract. It’s a rustic setting, which is perfect for the area.

In our travels, we’d often pass by the joint and it piqued our interest, though part of me was concerned about dining in a place named for the living quarters of slithering reptiles. Since we usually travel with the dogs in these excursions, we weren’t going to leave them in the car, so we left the thought, and the establishment, behind. As it turns out, the Snake Pit patio is fine with dogs, and they will provide the occasional bowl of water on hot days.

We are happy to add the Snake Pit to our “pet friendly” list.

We discovered this after visiting last Sunday afternoon and asking a waitress about their dog policy. This is one of the reasons I love north Idaho. It’s hard to find many dog-friendly restaurants in Washington state, where life is progressively getting more and more restrictive. But they’re all over the place in Idaho, where people seem a bit more relaxed and down to earth about such things.

First time in The Snake Pit, plus a Monday hangover

Our first visit came about when we were contacted by family who live in Idaho asking if we’d like to join them at the Snake Pit to celebrate a birthday. We, always on the lookout for an excuse to party, accepted the invitation. It was a wonderful afternoon / eveing and we had fun catching up with visiting relatives (and one new one). We all had a good meal with lots of adult beverages.

At least I did, judging by my Monday morning headache.

As we were leaving, passing through the front door and descending the many wooden steps to the parking lot, we passed by a cat laying on the steps, soaking in the early evening sun. He looked a bit scruffy, but totally at home. I assumed he was the resident pest elimination engineer.

I snapped a couple photos and went back inside where I inquired as to the cat’s name.

“Alfie,” they said.

So here’s Alfie, a quick cat portrait done in graphite and charcoal.

Snake Pit cat portrait - alfie
The Snake Pit’s Chief Pest Elimination Engineer enjoying the early evening sun

Even though I’ve been drawing since forever, I still learn something with each drawing. On this one, I discovered I need to obtain some harder graphite leads, as it’s difficult to capture extremely light tones with my existing supply of super soft range of HB and B leads.

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