dog portrait Gretel

Dog Portrait – Gretel

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dog portrait Gretel
“Not sure what I am. But some people call me a Sweetheart.”
Here’s Gretel. I’m not sure from the photo references I received exactly what breed she is, but she’s got a lovely Rottweiler look going. I say that because it’s hard to tell how big she is, so she might be a mini-Rottie, or a mix with Rottie markings.

This pet portrait was created for Stacy in Seattle.

I haven’t known many Rotties. Lots of people fear them. But in my experience, the nature of a dog is usually a reflection of its master, and this breed is no exception.

The dog portrait is digital and was printed to canvas and delivered in July.

Order a custom dog portrait of your Rottweiler, fake Rottweiler, or pound mutt. I love painting all manner of dogs!

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that Gretel is a Shar-Pei mix. Whatever she is, she’s a looker!

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