graphite dog portrait

A graphite pet portrait is an elegant and traditional option to honor and/or memorialize your pet. I create your graphite pet portrait by hand, using traditional and stylistic methods I’ve adopted over my many years of working in this medium.

Created by hand, a well done graphite portrait conveys a simple yet profound connection to the subject, and can become a cherished possession and family heirloom.

Graphite Pet Portrait. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your order using the "ORDER NOW!" button below or this link. Upload 3-5 good photos, and make a 75% payment via Paypal or credit card.
  2. In about a week, you will receive a digital proof showing general composition and rough details. You can either approve it or suggest changes (I will make one free round of changes at this stage).
  3. About a week later, you will receive the final digital image of the finished portrait along with a link to make the final 25% payment.
  4. Once payment is received, your portrait will be carefully packaged and shipped flat to you.

Of all the artistic media I’ve used, graphite drawing has always been my favorite. I was always drawing as a kid, as well as in high school and college. With all that practice, I can confidently say that to my mind, my skills are fair to middling.

Graphite drawing is a deceptively difficult skill to learn.

A delicate hand is required for graphite portraits. It took a while for me to learn not to press too hard, but to lightly work the graphite into the texture of the paper. Darker tones are achieved with softer pencils and gently pushed deeper with harder pencils. Lately, I’ve been experimenting by adding a bit of charcoal to the process to establish deeper blacks.

If you plan on ordering one of these special portraits, please allow me at least three weeks to complete the process. I will send you an early proof showing composition and some minor level of detail. Once that is approved, I will proceed with the full drawing, and you will receive a proof of the finished portrait. Once the final 25% payment is received, the art will be carefully packaged flat and shipped to your address.

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8x10 $229
11x14 $284
16x16 $365
16x20 $385
Please allow 2-3 weeks for finished portrait.
One pet per portrait. Added fee for additional pets. Prices include shipping to U.S. addresses. WA residents pay sales tax.