Hudson English Mastiff pup

Hudson comes home

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Hudson, a six-week old English Mastiff pup
Hudson, under the watchful – and dubious – eye of Beorn.
We picked up Hudson and brought him home for the first time on Halloween.

Hudson is an English Mastiff. His mother is 110 lbs. and his father is around 145 lbs. He’s going to be a big dog someday.

Long ago we decided we were a two-dog house. It helps when they’ve got a buddy around to show them the ropes and offer reassurance and stability. After we lost Boris, the question became “How long do we wait before we get another dog?”

To be honest, I probably would have waited a bit longer, but Beorn has been moping around, missing his brother something awful, so we decided it was time to punish him with a new, younger brother.

And I do mean “punish”. Beorn has no idea what a pain in the butt he was to Boris, but he’s going to experience all kinds of pay-back now in the form of Hudson, who will soon be dancing around, nipping, playing and generally driving his older brother crazy.

I expect they’ll grow to love each other just like Beorn did with Boris. But the puppy stage can be trying.

As for us, we’re suffering from sleep deprivation and the nervous twitch that comes from losing track of the puppy every two minutes. Not much work is getting done, what with all the “Puppy Breaks” we have to take.

I’m not complaining. Puppy’s are a lot of fun.

I’m just saying it will be nice when he, and we, can finally sleep through the night.

Here’s a portrait I did of Hudson’s first day home, as he was soaking in all the new stuff.

portrait of Hudson, an English Mastiff pup
Hudson’s first day home

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