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NO-RISK Portrait: Zero Down and No Obligation!

Trust for online businesses, especially small ones like mine, is not easy to come by. That’s why I offer a No-Risk Pet Portrait. You only buy it if you like it – after I paint it!

NO-RISK Portrait. Here’s how it works:

  1. There is no risk on your part. You simply upload 3-5 good photos of your pet and select a portrait size (see the chart below). NOTE: the prices are what you will pay should you decide to buy. YOU PAY NOTHING RIGHT NOW.
  2. I paint a portrait and send you a proof image.
  3. If you love it, you can purchase a print at the prices below.
  4. If you don't love it, you can either walk away, or suggest changes. I will make one round of free changes.

I'm betting I can make a portrait you will want to buy and so I'm willing to take on ALL THE RISK and offer this NO-RISK Pet Portrait.

You've got nothing to lose!

NO-RISK Portrait sizes and prices are shown in the chart below.

Paper Print Icon
Solid Wrap Icon
CANVAS (Solid Wrap)
Image Wrap Icon
CANVAS (Image Wrap)
8x10 $125 $159 $174
11x14 $172 $214 $229
16x16 $276 $291
16x20 Most popular size! $304 $319
One pet per portrait. Added fee for additional pets. Prices include shipping to U.S. addresses. WA residents pay sales tax.

with this NO-RISK Pet Portrait Order Form


Assuming you purchase the print, please list the city and state where this portrait will be shipped. This helps me verify the order prior to shipping. NOTE: I currently ONLY ship to U.S. addresses.

A "Solid Wrap" will place a solid color on the sides of the canvas. An "Image Wrap" will wrap the image around on the sides of the canvas.

Black is the default wrap color. If you select "Sampled Color", I will pick a color from the portrait and use that on the sides.

Please upload 3-5 good quality photos of the pet. I will use these for reference images when I create your portrait. JPG, TIF, PNG, PDF files only. Maximum size: 6MB.

Is there any important information about this pet and/or portrait I need to know?

All digital art created by Sigmadog LLC remains the sole property of Sigmadog LLC and may be used for promotional or advertising purposes. Photographs provided for reference remain the property of the contractee and shall be returned to contractee upon completion.

Should contractee’s print be lost, damaged, or destroyed in shipping, Sigmadog LLC shall provide a replacement free of charge. Should contractee request an additional print in the future, Sigmadog shall provide it at a discounted rate dependent upon the size and medium requested by contractee.

Do you agree to these terms?

To place a NO-RISK Pet Portrait order, you must agree to the above terms.

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