Pet portraits made by me here in the U.S.A.

Your portrait order will not be sent out to an anonymous art mill. I’m the only artist here, and I’m in business because I want, and because I like, to do it all myself.

PetArtWorks is a small studio with small dreams: I simply want enough work to fill each day and keep my dogs in biscuits (and maybe me in a cheeseburger and beer or two).

I only ship to customers in the U.S.A. (for now). Eventually that may expand to include Canada and other countries.

Output of digital portraits to canvas is handled by a third-party vendor here in the United States with lots of experience and a great reputation. I’ve had lots of success using them. They provide a great quality product, and ship it in secure packaging, so it will arrive to your door in wonderful condition, ready-to-hang.

My hopes for PetArtWorks is to thrill every customer with a wonderful and evocative pet portrait they will treasure forever. To do that, I’m focusing on the U.S. market only.

Is there money to be made outside of the U.S.? Sure. But limiting my business to this market is a decision I’m happy to make. Because it’s a decision to keep PetArtWorks small, keep the work in my hands, and ensure a quality portrait each and every time.

So while I’m certainly not the biggest pet portrait provider, I do, however, think I’m one of the best.

By painting pet portraits, I’m doing what I love. By staying small and servicing U.S. customers only, I’m ensuring a quality product and, in the end, creating happy customers.

That’s my ultimate goal.

Well… that and keeping my dogs full of biscuits.

hungry beorn