dog portrait Tera

Tricky Dog Portrait – Tera

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dog portrait Tera
New improved Tera!
This is Tera, another pet portrait created for Stacy in Seattle (Stacy is a dog walker and I think she’s ordering portraits for her clients – a great idea!).

Tera reference photo
Tera reference photo

The original photo was unusually small and very light on details, but I made it work by sketching out areas with as much detail as I could make out, and refining them from there. For instance, her right eye was completely covered in darkness along with much of that side of her head, so I had to rely on experience and a bit of guessing on that portion of the image.

If my method of creating these PET PORTRAITS portraits consisted of solely running the photos through a Photoshop filter to make them look like paintings, this portrait would not look anywhere near this good. Fortunately, that’s not what I do.


Upload a couple photos and let me paint a portrait of your little buddy.

Every portrait starts with a sketch, followed by blocking in major colors, working from dark to light. Then I begin refining the details, again working dark to light and concentrating on the center of interest (in this case, her face and eyes). Finally, I add the brightest highlights and tiniest details to make the final image “sparkle”.

This portrait was a bit of a challenge, but I’m very happy with the results.

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